Why Do Students Fail To Crack the CA Exams?

The much dreaded season of CA exams is about to return in the month of May and the students preparing for it would be already going through nightmares. The passing percentage in the November, 2015 in CA Final exams was a stark 5.75%. It is quite surprising as per general view, that the exams, which are attempted by thousands of promising individuals, are cracked by only a few. People usually think that it has something to do with the exhaustive and tiring syllabus.dfdffffffffffffffffffff

The graph of success rate in CA exams, be it that of final or IPCC, is going through a decline since the last few years. Many analysis and expert opinions have been published by the scholars and Members in this regard. The never ending theories, however, could not find an appropriate solution for the same. To enlighten the hard working CA aspirants, to enable them to face the ghost of exams dauntlessly, we have some common problem areas to portray:

1. Failure to Grasp the Basic Concepts:

Can you eternally retain knowledge without basic understanding? It can be bet that you can’t. It is very important to go in depth of the various concepts related to Accountancy, Taxation, Company Law, etc. and put it in practice to grasp them properly. Mugging up like nursery students doesn’t help in professional exams. It won’t come into your use in your future, even if you manage to get through a paper somehow.

2. Inability to Keep Pace with Latest Updates:

The fields of vocational courses like Law, CA, CS, etc. are subjected to amendments from time to time. In CA, various changes are brought in Direct & Indirect Tax, Service Tax, Company Law, etc. Many students, though very brilliant do not implicate this changes while studying knowingly and unknowingly. This leads to low scores in CA Final and IPCC. The importance of updating knowledge is immense in CA to arrive at correct financial results and that should be taken into account.

3. Negligence of Institute’s Study Materials:

This is the most often and most severe blunder that the students commit. It is true that one needs external aid from the supposed best CA coaching institutes available for the relevant subjects. But that does not help you all out. They forget that the institute’s material is the official reference for the examiners and the paper setters. Considering the scope of thecourse, additional references are surely needed, but not at the cost of the official guide.

4. The Dearth of Practice in Study Routine:

This is one of the most crucial reasons that lead to failure. There are many problem based papers in the CA course which demand regular practice along with a strong grip on theories. You should work out the numericals from the practice manuals, the study materials from coaching institutes, guide books, all the resources you can possibly lay the hands on. Practical study also counters the infectious spelling mistakes and illegible handwriting, which result in unwanted deduction of marks.

5. Unprofessionalism of External Coach:

Kolkata is a city where there is a great density of CA students. A lot of institutes have sprung up which claim to be the Best Coaching Institutes in Kolkata, but very less among them prove their worth.Many tuition centres demand hefty amount but deliver nothing in terms of modern innovative education or even basic guidance and support. Mechanical tuitions without practical approach bring no result. A coaching centre with skilled faculty, holistic curriculum and proper evaluation system, can help you come out of your weaker areas.