What Are The Career Opportunities For People Studying B.Com?

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People are unaware of the various career opportunities for B.com. Get the best B.com tuitions in Kolkata to curb your career in the field of commerce.

People often take the B.Com degree for granted. B.com is the abbreviation for Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Generally, it is a three-year degree course that people pursue after graduating from high school. You can specialise in accounts, business administration, costs, finances, economics, maths, corporate studies, etc. The major advantage of pursuing b.com is that you get exposure to a wide genre of subjects in college. If you want to pursue higher studies after pursuing B.com there are ample opportunities. The most popular is the examination of CA. Other than this there are several options like MBA, ICWAI, etc. If you want to get in the depth of this course and pave a road to a brighter future for yourself then enrol yourself in the best B.com tuition classes in Kolkata. Here in this blog, we will learn about the various career opportunities in this field.

The Career Options For Pursuing B.com:


You can major or specialise in accounts and then build a career in accounting. You can start as an account executive, junior accountant, accounts manager, etc. After graduating with B.com you automatically get a very good knowledge of accounting. The employment rate of accountancy is quite high. Almost every company requires an accountant and you get vacancy throughout the year. The initial payment is moderate but as your experience keeps on increasing, your pay scale will increase as well. All you have to do is study efficiently.


Another sector that has an extremely close relationship with the field of commerce is Banking. More than half of the public banks recruit employees based on a competitive examination. Majority of questions and problems comes from the syllabus of commerce. As a result, it is easier for B.com grads to crack them. Getting good tuitions and following the syllabus thoroughly will prepare you for the banking examinations. The pay scale of bankers is quite high.


Another very fruitful career option is consultancy. You can pursue insurance or finance consultancy. Financial consultants help individuals and organizations to plan their financial future by directing investments in different sectors like saving banks, retirement planning, stock portfolio planning and others. Insurance consultants help individuals and organizations plan for any accidental untowardly incident and create financial backups and contingency funds to handle any such situation.
Government jobs: If your forte is government jobs then there are ample opportunities for B.com grads. Government jobs are very famous for their high pay scale.

These are the career opportunities for people pursuing B.com. If you want to get the best guidance then join Bcom coaching classes of Edmiron group. They are the best coaching centre in Kolkata. Check out their website for more.