Top Tips to Crack the CA Exam

Chartered accountancy is one of the most respectable professions of our society. Being a CA entitles you and your family to a lot of pride. But behind that pride is hours and hours of excruciating studies. Top CA coaching centres in Kolkata are preparing their students with the outlook of preparing them for the battle of their lives. And it does seem like an impossible battle to win. Statistics say that out of every 100 students who appear for CPT only 1 to 1.5 students go on to become Chartered accountants. So, preparing for the CA final is a job that needs a definite and a full proof plan. Here are some tips that might help you cross this meandering river of peril.

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  • Do not study too much at one go – pushing yourself beyond any limitations will not help. Whenever you sit down to study have a rough idea of the time you are going for and if you tire up before that, stop immediately. If you are tired, the studying will not be fruitful.
  • Scheduling study times – It is always better to stick to a schedule. Whatever it is that you are studying for a mock test, a specific module or whatever else, stick to that schedule. Finish it at one go and then stop.
  • Try to study at a routine time every day– Studying for the same time everyday establishes a clear schedule and just like eating and sleeping, studying will also come in a natural flow to you.
  • Stop the procrastinating monkey – Whenever you plan to study something, whatever module it maybe, be it hard or easy, Stick to that schedule. Do not let the procrastinating monkey inside your head to take over. If it takes over, you will face difficulties in the long run and definitely in the short run.
  • Work down in the descending order of difficulty – Always study the hardest module at first. This establishes your mind flow in a specific way and helps you concentrate even harder.
  • Switch off all electronic devices – While studying switch off every electronic device that might allow your friend or family to contact you. Do not be distracted with news from any other source because the study material will be tough enough.

Along with all these it is advised to join a CA programme in Kolkata and get some extra help for your studies. Edmiron classes are at it for almost over a decade now and they can provide you with an excellent structure for your CA dreams to become achievable.