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Top CA Companies in India That You Would Love Working With

Now that you are done with your CMA coaching classes, you must have set up your mind for some of the best CA companies. Enlisted below are top names in its genre that can prove to be the best turning points of your career.

Smith & WilliamsonEdmiron_blog_CA

Headquartered in London, Smith & Williamson ranks eight in the world CA firm rankings. If Chartered Accountancy has been your dream career throughout then working with Smith and Williamson might be your dream job. The majestic enterprise has been expanding relentlessly with a present stature of the enterprise stretches over 100 countries with a whopping 550 offices all over. As per present records, the company has not been into any merger.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

The second largest Chartered accounting firm in the world and headquartered at London, PWC has been the closest completion of al leading names in the field. The firm primarily specialises in tax, consulting, assurance and audit. With over 750 companies spread all over 150 countries PWC remains one of the first choices of accountancy students to select as the foundation for their career. The recent merger of the company of the company with Booz & Co was approved in 2013. Continue reading Top CA Companies in India That You Would Love Working With