Study Tips Which Promise Unbelievably Higher Marks in CMA Foundation 2016

Brilliant scoring in CMA Foundation asks for focussed and exhaustive preparation from students. But in today’s highly competitive age, it is necessary for a student to undergo this preparation in the right way not just with diligence, but also with equal amount of planning and intelligence.

CMA Foundation

CMA foundation 2016 is just two months way and students throughout Kolkata are studying day and night to successfully pass this tough examination in one attempt. It is the first of the three stages of the total CMA examination and is needed to be passed to achieve eligibility for appearing in the next stage – Intermediate. This year, the question pattern will be descriptive which is demanding greater preparation effort from students. In order to perform enviably in this competitive examination, a student must study intelligently and not laboriously to score higher with lesser effort because there are so many topics to cover in a short period of time. A list of important tips is given below which can help a student to prepare for this forthcoming examination in the best way:

Maintaining a fixed study time

A student should first fix the most suitable study time for him/her which he/she should maintain without fail. He/she should begin his/her studies at the same time every day and every week. This will help him/her to improve his/her ability to understand the various study topics quicker and easier and enhance his/her concept grasping capability greatly.

Revision each weekend

A student should revise whatever he/she has studied during all the weekdays in a particular week on that weekend. This will enable him/her to clearly remember each and every study topic and will make it easier for him to move on to the immediately next study topics which are based on the concepts of the earlier topics.

Group study

This is an excellent preparation technique. If a student constructs a study group with about 4 other friends either online or offline, then it will help him/her in understanding difficult concepts easily and quickly. If he/she finds it hard to understand any particular concept, any one among his 4 friends will be able to explain that concept to him/her effectively.

Study in a number of shorter periods

A student should discard the idea of studying continuously for a long time. Instead of that, he/she can study for a number of shorter time periods with a short break between two consecutive short study periods. This will enable him/her to improve the quality of his/her study. He/she will never get exhausted with study overload and will be able to understand and remember study concepts a lot better. He/she will be able to study each newer study period with the same amount of enthusiasm and freshness with which he/she had studied in the earlier study period.

Solving practice papers

Before appearing for CMA Foundation, it is necessary for a student to solve a considerable number of practice papers. This will help him/her to familiarize himself/herself with the question pattern of the examination and the exact types of questions which are predicted to come in the forthcoming examination. It will also immensely help him/her to develop speed of scoring by maintaining full accuracy.

Preparation for CMA Foundation 2016 demands dedicated study with a huge amount of practice. Instead of self-study, a student is advised to register himself/herself in any renowned CMA Coaching institute in Kolkata. Such institutes teach a student how to accomplish greater amount of study in lesser time with several time-saving study techniques.

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