Six Habits that Can Help to Be the Next CA IPCC Topper

Besides attending the CA IPCC Coaching classes on a regular basis, just a few more simple habits can help in becoming the topper of the CA IPCC examination.Six Habits that Can Help to Be the Next CA IPCC Topper Chartered Accountancy (CA) course is considered to be a very prestigious and dignified professional course, which any commerce student can pursue for. But, it is a tough and challenging professional course that will need a lot of effort to qualify. Many coaching centers are there to help in achieving success. There are three levels of CA examination out of which the second level that is named as the IPCC or the Integrated Professional Competency Course is the most challenging one. Only those who have scored the qualifying marks in the first level can sit for the second stage. To stand out as the topper of IPCC examination may seem improbable. But, there are some habits that can help one to top besides going to the CA IPCC Coaching classes only. Just remember two things, first one is that nothing is impossible if one has confidence and the second one is that practice makes one perfect. If one practices daily, follow a few formulas and make these their habits then the highest marks won’t be difficult at all to obtain.

So, What are those Formulas or Habits?

  • The eight R’s formula include reading study materials intensively, refer to the suggested books, realize the vital points of the subjects, remove the doubts by having a discussion with the faculties, record your notes, revise the study materials and notes, recapitulate the key points, and represent neatly with no ambiguity in the examination. If one follows those points, the result will surely be what one desires for.
  • Planning is important. It has pertinently been said that preparing without the right planning can never bring success. Allocate specific time spans to every subject according to their importance and start preparing.
  • Time management is essential. Having a clear picture of time is vital. Keep the track of how much time is given to every section and subject while preparing or practicing. This will help to balance your study schedule daily.
  • Self-studying is important besides attending the CA IPCC Coaching Classes in Kolkata. A good coaching canter has its own advantages obviously but besides this self-studying, is a must. In the coaching classes, there are the experienced faculties to guide the students in different subjects and clear the doubts at the same time. One can also have group discussions there. And when these discussions are noted down and revised again while self-studying, the preparation becomes perfect.
  • Mock tests are important to become accustomed with the examination pattern. Taking up mock tests conducted by the coaching institutes makes the candidates aware of the pattern of the exam paper. This again brings perfection to the preparation.
  • To the point, answers are always better than descriptive answers. Instead of keep on writing long answers, try to write to the point accurately. These types of answers are always easier to check by the evaluator. Overwriting must be avoided.

These simple habits or practices can make the aspirant the topper in the next IPCC exam. Follow these and be sure to get the highest marks.