What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretaries?

By choosing to prepare in the CS Executive Classes, a student also gets to know what are the roles and responsibilities of a professional Company Secretary.What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Company SecretariesA Company Secretary is a dignified profession. To become a CS, the first and the most important criteria is to crack the competitive CS examinations. But, how to get the success guarantee in the examination? The coaching institutions, offering CS Executive Classes give the assurance of cracking the exam in the first attempt by leveraging the best educational resources. After overcoming the tough challenge, the student will need to look for a job in a reputable company. It must be known that the company laws impose some obligations and administrative duties on the companies. For handling these, every company needs to appoint a Company Secretary. The responsibilities of a Company Secretary depend on the type of company and how the company organizes itself. Some more duties of a CS are listed out below.

Company Secretaries are normally given the responsibilities of organizing the board meetings and the general meetings. The articles of association of the company sets out the official requirements for arranging both the types of meetings but the CS takes the responsibility of complying with all the notice requirements, dealing with the substantial filings and updating the records. Good corporate governance is significant for every company regardless of its size. The CS is the key advisor of the corporate governance matters. The list includes managing the interest of shareholders, dealing with the conflicts of interest, and dealing with the investor guidelines and applicable codes. All the companies should keep some statutory registers that comprise of the registers of the members, transfers, allotments, directors, secretaries, charges, debenture holders, etc.

Managing the Records of the Company:-

The CS of a company needs to maintain some other records too. These include accountancy and the tax reports, PAYE information, VAT registration, pension, and insurance information, the other statutory compliance records.

Maintain the Registered Office of the Company:-

All the companies are required to have registered offices that should be the real addresses and not the PO Box numbers, in the same countries where the companies are incorporated. The offices do not have to be the same places where the companies do their businesses but have to be the places where the third parties or the clients can reach. The emails sent by the third parties or the clients, the calls, etc. are all maintained by the Company Secretary of the company.

The above points and explanations are intended as the general guide including the roles and responsibilities of a CS. These duties are also explained in details by the highly qualified faculties of the coaching centers for CS Executive Classes in Kolkata. The students who join these coaching classes come to know about these at the time of their preparation only.