Prepare for CA Foundation Examination in Just Few Days

CA Foundation course is quite tough and challenging. Enroll with the Best Coaching Institute for CA in Kolkata to prepare with perfect in just few days.Prepare for CA Foundation Examination in Just Few DaysPreparing for the CA Foundation examination is not at all easy especially when one is self-studying. It is necessary to join the Best Coaching Institute for CA in Kolkata to know the tricks and strategies of qualifying the examination in one chance. Moreover, the knowledge gets deepened too if prepared under the guidance of the highly qualified faculties of the institute.

Study Material:- When one registers for CA Foundation examination then few textbooks and few books and model papers for making the preparation for the mock tests easier are supplied to each and every aspirant of the institute. The study materials are the best sources of boosting up the knowledge for the CA exams. If a student is able to complete every question given in all the books and model papers then it is more than enough for cracking the exam. No additional materials are needed. One can also take the other tutorial series for the exam. Check out the available course provided in the institute.

Timetable to Prepare In a Couple of Days or A Few Weeks:- The candidate either can make his or her own timetable or can follow the one structured by the Institute of CA Foundation Coaching in Kolkata. The second option is always better to study according to a perfect study plan.

Three Steps to Get a Sure Success:-

  1. Learn:- The first step in the preparation plan is to begin learning along with understanding every small concept one after the other according to the timetable. Now the question is what should be the method to study? First of all, a quick reading of all the chapters must be done, An average speed tells that it must not take more than five minutes to complete reading one page. Moreover, the reading should not be too fast as understanding every topic clearly is necessary. Once the student is done with the reading, all the questions that are in the papers must be attempted. First, all the question should be answered without turning the page to match the answers and then on completion check them altogether. The aspirant should mark the answers right that were correct in the first chance and cross the wrong answers and give no marks to the not attempted ones. There is no need to again attempt the rightly answered questions. The incorrect ones should be done on the next revision and then again for checking the same process should be repeated.
  2. Revise:- Revision is a vital thing to prepare for such difficult examinations and for getting a sure success of it. Maximum students remember twenty percent of what is read by them after a day or more. So, quick revisions on a regular basis are very necessary to recapitulate what one has read and the student will not forget the previous topics. Check the timetable to see the frequency of the revisions needed.
  3. Practice:- This is a vital point that should be done while preparing and should be focused. Once the student has completed the first revision, it’s the right time to go for a mock test that will surely help a lot to prepare for the main examination day and will also help in highlighting the weak areas of the candidate.

Study Group:- Developing a study group makes it possible to discuss the queries and get a good and clearer understanding of the relevant subjects. Joining a good institute will help in preparing in a group.

Exam Day:- Since the student is all set for the exam by preparing under the guidance of the faculties of the coaching institute and is already accustomed to the exam patterns, he or she can sit relaxingly when the final day arrives.