The Preparation Tips to Qualify the CMA Foundation Exam

Joining the top coaching institute is the best way to qualify the CMA Foundation examination in the first attempt. Search for the institute and join now.The Preparation Tips to Qualify the CMA Foundation ExamThe CMA Foundation examination is not easy to qualify. The subjects included in the syllabus are not something that can be understood without anybody’s help and guidance. A dedicated approach and hundred percent commitment is required to pass the challenging exam. The examination is conducted online now.

If One Is Bracing Himself or Herself for the CMA Foundation Examination, then He or She Must Follow the Preparation Tips listed below:-

  • Be Clear With the Syllabus:- The candidate must understand which topics are more important to be covered in details prior to examination. Each of the papers included in the syllabus have certain topics or sections with greater weightage over the other portions of the paper. Try to have more clarity on those topics. Knowing from where to study and what to study would help to define the study plan.
  • Refer the Notes:- Referring to the notes and the study materials provided by the coaching institute is a must, especially when the exam date is near. Short and precise notes are very important and help a lot just the day before the exam. Going through the notes give the opportunity to cover almost every topic within a very short time span. This would help the students to remember the points easily.
  • Remember the Highlights:- Every lesson or chapter has certain primary highlight points. A student must remember those. This is one of the best tricks to cover a broader variety of topics.
  • Conceptual Understanding:- Whether the candidate is attempting the numerical questions or the theoretical questions, one thing that must be clear is the concept of each and every topic. When the concepts are clear then solving any question will never be difficult. In terms of the accountancy paper, it is essential to understand the formulae and the tricks to solve the numerical problems.
  • Ask for Help Whenever Needed:- When a student is in doubt about the concept, he or she must feel free to ask the faculties of the coaching institute. The experienced and the highly qualified faculties will leverage the best of their knowledge to make the student understand every topic clearly. So, learn from them to get the answer of every query.
  • Practice the Previous Years’ Question Papers:- Check out the question papers of the previous years to understand the exam patterns and the type of questions asked. The marking scheme will be clear too. While practicing, do not forget to set the timer before starting to solve the paper. This will help the student to manage the time properly and solve the paper according to the marks distribution before the time is over.
  • Take Intervals:- As the exam day arrives, most of the students start studying for longer hours without taking any intervals or breaks. This must never be done to keep the mind fresh and relaxed. The regular routine should not be broken. Taking breaks between study hours will also boost up the concentration level.

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