Latest Apps That Every CA Students Should Use

Mostly the parents always yells at their children when they saw that they are not studying and are just stuck with their phone. But sometimes the applications available in the phone is a good platform for many Chartered Accountancy (CA) students to gain some useful knowledge. Even there are many top CA Institute in Kolkata which have also started introducing their own application for helping students related to these subjects. Certainly, CA students have to spend a lot of time in preparing such vast number of subjects. So, if they are provided with some easy applications from where they can acquire information then it will be very helpful for the students. Many students even are not aware that it’s not only coaching institute or books that keep them updated with the latest information related to Chartered Accountancy. Thus, here are some applications which C.A. students will love to use.

Top CA Institute

During exams

There are many students who takes CA preparation classes in Kolkata but also some student’s thinks that it is also important that they make their own notes for better preparation. But where they can get these updated information? The Examine app is all what you need when your exams are just knocking at the door. This app will help you to keep you updated with notes, maps. This app is recommended for all students because as it also help you to revise your lessons very easily.

HP12 C financial Calculator

The calculator is a very important tool for every accountant and this particular calculator app is a must have application. This particular application is not only popular among students but also among the accountant professionals. This nothing but the traditional calculator what the students can get in the form of an app. Manually, sometimes it becomes a problem to get fast answers but when it is a form of the app, students can be assured that they will get fast answers without any hassle. It is the alternative when you forget to carry the calculator with you while you went for your coaching classes. But make sure you also keep on practicing with the tool itself as in examination call certainly you will not be allowed with your mobile phones.


This app will help the students to be up to date with the latest news related to currency conversions. The students will get all the information about the recent changes of currency value every day. Students who aspire to sit for foreign exams related to accountancy or finance will get a lot of help from this app.

Accounting Glossary

Most people always keep an app for English vocabulary but how many students really do search for accountancy glossary app? Yes, you are absolutely right even for accountancy definitions and terms Accountancy glossary app is there where you will get more than 500 useful terms and phrases related to accountancy.

Self-Control App

You must be thinking that in CA preparation why you need this kind of an app? This app will help you to control the temptation which often leads to distraction while studying. The primary function of this app helps to block your own access after using that particular website for certain time.