Guide to Manage Your School and Coaching Classes Simultaneously

As soon as students gets in Class 11 the most important aspects which they need to keep in mind is getting admitted in a Science Coaching for 11th in Kolkata. The students moreover simultaneously need to prepare themselves for the medical entrance examination. So, it is better that you opt for a coaching centre that will guide you both for your medical entrance preparation as well as for your board exams. Many students think that it is not important to score good marks in school examination as because they have already chosen their career. But, that is completely wrong and performing well in school board is equally important. The better score in your academics will boost up your confidence more and you will feel mentally strong for your medical goals.

Medical entrance institutions

When student is in 10th standard or below

Up to 10th standard, you don’t need to focus too much on medical entrance examination syllabus as your priority is to complete only your school syllabus. But be sure that in the school as well as in the coaching classes all you need to do is understanding the concepts and keep your basics right.

Combined School and Medical Entrance Preparation for 11th Standard students

Actually, from class 11 your two ways preparation starts full-fledged. In one hand you will be preparing for your school syllabus, on the other hand, most of the students get admitted in any medical entrance institutions in Kolkata. Here is the time where you definitely need to put up more effort in your medical entrance preparation. But at the same time, you should not neglect any topic from your academic syllabus as you will get many common subjects and topics that are also included in the preparation of medical exam.

The first advice which you keep in mind while preparing for both is that always properly utilize your school hours. Understand all the important concepts that are taught by school teachers. Even, after coming back to home it is important that you go through all the topics that have been covered in the class.

Secondly, it is important that you solve all the problems again at home from the reference books as well as from NCERT, don’t forget that this practice will also help you in your medical preparation.

If you have joined a coaching institution

  • A coaching institution is the only place where you can learn and get all the tips for your medical preparation. So, never miss the class.
  • Make notes and take the study materials given from the institutions.
  • Solve the questions from the study materials.
  • Don’t overdo your studies. Solve questions that are included in your syllabus. If you do more research then you might get confused.

Also, give a look to your medical entrance syllabus and plan your study according to that. If you put effort then certainly you can score well in your academics as well as crack the medical exam.