Explore the Career Options for Students in Science Stream after 12th Standard

Science as a stream includes a lot of disciplines that can opt by many students who want to pursue their career after 11th and 12th standard .But, it is also important that you must take proper advice from your school teachers as well as teachers who teach you in science education Institute about the discipline you should choose. Obviously, to create something, research or for your medical studies science is definitely the best stream.


Definitely, still in most of the school science stream is really popular and students choose the stream to enroll in various disciplines in Science and Technology. As most of the people nowadays want to study something more than basic engineering and medical so they prefer to get enrolled in the best science coaching for 11th in Kolkata. But still, students can easily find out a number of options to take up for their career.


Most of the students nowadays want to opt for medical profession but definitely, it’s a very rewarding career. There is much kind of opportunities any student can pursue who have completed their studies in medicine. Apart from the mainstream medicinal lines, students can also opt for Para medicinal studies, Veterinary Science, Bio sciences, and others. Also, students who have Biology in their 12th standard also can pursue their career in Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery.


As we all know that students also who are pursuing in science stream, a vast array of career option is open in front of them as they will be having lots of work options as well as wide scope in this area. But, definitely, your career in engineering will shine if you have focused on Maths, Physics, and Chemistry in your 11th and 12th standard. Obviously, there are different kinds of disciplines which you can opt in engineering stream. Some of them are:-

  • Mechanical Engineering– Generally it includes the applications of Physics and its laws, design, manufacture.
  • Civil Engineering– Here the student will deal with the process of designing and constructing roads, bridges, dams.
  • Chemical Engineering– In this discipline mainly the students need to transform the raw materials into chemicals and its important forms.
  • Marine Engineering– A marine engineer on the other hand mainly looks after the design of the ships as well as maintains it.

Generally, students who have studied with science stream can apply for this above-mentioned engineering discipline. But, along with the entrance exam, it is also important that you must score well in class 12. There are several entrance examinations like IIT JEE who takes into account the marks of your board exam along with entrance result.

Apart from the above two streams even students can become Architect designers after reading science stream as the job is interesting and also they focus on making people’s like easy as well as comfortable.