What courses can I opt for after my B.Com certification?

Now that you have come to an end of your B.Com certification, you must be aspiring for something great to achieve. However the problem that seems to bother students at this stage is the kind and types of accounting courses that they can opt for to have bright career. Who would not like a job that will provide them with not just great salary but other additional perks with it?


A change in lifestyle can be brought only when you have a safe and secure job with a salary to die for. Speaking of a few relevant courses that can be a game changer for you let us take a look at few of them:

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountants happen to be entities that are important for cost management, budgeting, performance evaluation as well as asset management right within an enterprise. They typically happen to be a part of a completely formulated executive and they create an extraordinary financial plan of and for the organization. As a cost accountant, you might have to and get the opportunity to work with corporate executives or heads of companies to strategically plan for a company.

Business Accounting and taxation

When you have had a commerce background, you can quit easily think of a career in business accounting. The realm of job responsibility in this case includes the maintaining of the accounting books for any enterprise. Apart from this, taxation Return filing and statutory compliance are the part of the process and the job responsibilities you will be bestowed with. You are required to carry out functions like the finalization of accounts and the preparation along with the presentation of the MIS reports for the management.

Chartered Accountant

The prime aspect and work requirement of a Chartered Accountants happens to be the gathering, organizing, analysis and presentation of the data of the financial records pertaining to a specific company or association. The job of a chartered accountant usually extends from auditing all the way to reporting, maintaining and creating of accounting systems as well as forensic accounting. There are a number of Chartered Accountants who opt to specialize in the field of taxation. Opting for the best commerce coaching in Kolkata can be of great help in this case.

Marketing manager

A Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the marketing section of a company along with the advertising department. He or she is responsible for taking care of the promotional staff and cater to all other activities of a company as well.

There are several others that you can opt from as well. It is all a matter of choice and yearning to build a career before you come across the right option.