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Three Things to Keep In Mind in Order to Ace RBI Phase-I Exams

The banking sector is proliferating by leaps and bounds. It is opening up windows of opportunities for young minds from all fields of academia. One of the most prestigious placements one can get is at RBI. Being the epitome of the banking system in India it focuses on extracting only the cream of the crop. Out of an average 2 lakh that sit for the initial round only a little about one hundred get through the final round. So this bank exam preparation is a humungous task.

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Given that the Phase-I of the exams is scheduled to be held on June 17th 2017, here are a few last minute tips to help you ace it.

Here are three things to keep in mind in order to do well in Phase-I

Grammar Matters

Your command over the English language remains a priority according to your employers. In the rush of exams it’s not uncommon to skip articles or misplace a preposition. But even something like this which is seemingly miniscule could sound a death knell to your dreams of being an RBI employee. So make sure that all your sentences have the correct alignment and devoid of grammatical and spelling related errors. Another important aspect is the use of punctuation marks. Learn the proper usage of colons and semi colons and avoid over-usage of commas. Continue reading Three Things to Keep In Mind in Order to Ace RBI Phase-I Exams

Important Habits that Successful Bank Exam Candidates Adopted

No doubt, bank exams are highly competitive and even most of the candidates who scored well in such exams followed some common set of habits and techniques while preparing for bank exams. Here are some habits which most of the successful bank exam candidates followed before exams that helped them to track their progress well:-

bank exam preparation Continue reading Important Habits that Successful Bank Exam Candidates Adopted

Shine In Exams with a Professional & Holistic Coach

Finding an appropriate coaching institute is a frowning task to undertake in all cases. Many coaching institutes have sprung up in the past decade owing to the increase in the number of students enrolling for various educational courses. The Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a course, which has hugely dominated the career pattern of the present generation. Kolkata is region where the number in terms of CA aspirants is huge. The low passing percentage in exams and great competition, make the rush for finding the best coaching institute for CA in Kolkata gruesome.Edmiron, a leading Name.

Edmiron, a leading Name

Apart from the final stage, the entrance exam or the CPT, the IPCC or the intermediate stage of CA, also demand a lot of efforts from students’ side. The need for a center which provides a bit of relief from the strenuous syllabus, through a convenient mode of training, arises in such a case. Edmiron is a name in providing complete solutions to educational needs for the competitive courses.

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