6 Effective Suggestions to Score High In CA CPT


CA is one of the most prestigious degrees and offers of the most lucrative job opportunities for commerce graduates in Kolkata. The CPT is the first major stage of the entire CA course and it is needed to be successfully passed to earn entry to the next stage of CA – the IPCC. Students register themselves in various Top CA Institutes in Kolkata to undergo cutting-edge preparation. The CA CPT is a considerably tough exam and requires not only dedicated hard work but also an effective preparation strategy.

A number of essential tips are suggested here which ensure excellent marks in CA CPT:

The 30% barrier – In each of the constituent papers of CA CPT, a candidate needs to correctly score a minimum of 30% of the total marks. It is not that he/she scores more than 80% in one paper and fails to score the minimum marks requirement in any other paper.

Accounting is the first priority – Accounting is the highest scoring paper. A candidate must study Accounting with extra effort and emphasis. He/she must study the theories first in details and then he/she must practice answering important questions from the Examples section of each chapter. He/she must thoroughly read a solved example and then try to answer it by closing the book. This will help him/her to correctly answer all the unsolved questions of each chapter.

Mercantile Law to be studied with special attention – Mercantile Law is the second highest scoring subject after Accounting. A candidate must not miss studying any chapter. A candidate must thoroughly read the date, definition and applicability of each and every Act. Questions have come on Contract Act in CA CPT each yester year.

Study Economics thoroughly – The paper on Economics is also scoring. A candidate should first finish the Macroeconomics section and then start the Microeconomics section. Greater number of questions in CA CPT come from Macroeconomics as compared to Microeconomics.

Quantitative Aptitude (Maths and Statistics) – To score brilliantly in Mathematics, a candidate should give first importance to the more familiar chapters which he/she has already studied at secondary school level. In the Statistics section, he /she must extensively study and practice the chapters of Differentiation and Integration, Correlation and regression and theoretical distribution.

Intelligent answering – A candidate should not attempt all 200 questions if his/her preparation is not excellent. In case of average preparation, attempting and marking about 170 questions of answer surety guarantee success. Attempting 200 out of 200 questions may be unfruitful for the candidate. If the candidate has taken outstanding preparation, he/she may be sure of passing CA CPT with flying colours.

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