3 Mobile Applications That Are A Must Have For Aspiring CA Students

Mobile applications are something that have been taking the market by rage ever since its advent in the technological era. Moreover, adding on their popularity is the immense amount of convenience that it provides its users with. The recent years have definitely seen mobile apps touching almost all aspects of the technological arena, with the educational sector being one of the most beneficial ones. For example, did you have an idea that you could cater to your preparation needs for your CA examinations without having to rack your brains over selecting the best CA preparation classes in Kolkata?


Well, in that case, you actually can. Let us take a look at some of the best mobile apps that are must watch out for all students aspiring to score well and excel in their CA CPT examination.


Passwords are something that need to be taken care of in every professional field. When it comes your study matter, you might be required to store a number of documents, files and various such articles under the complete protection of passwords that cannot be availed by any other individual. Using one abrupt password for all the documents that you store, can pose a risk for them all. 1Password is an app that enables you to create a single password that helps you access multiple other passwords that you create for individual documents.


A compact compilation of notes is exactly what you need before you appear for your final Chartered Accountancy examination. In fact, if you do not follow a comprehensive method of study, you might actually find yourself striving to cope up with all the essential portions that you need to cover. Examtime is an app that you might definitely want to opt for in such cases. The app comes with a number of beneficial features that provide you with the option to create your own notes, while keeping a track of the important points that you might want to study.


Now this is one mobile application that you might definitely want to hear about. One of the main aspects that hamper your preparations for an exam is the fact that you get easily distracted. You are always on your mobile surfing from one website to another. SelfControl is an app that enables you to block unwanted websites for a certain span of time, so as to eliminate all sorts of distraction. You will not be able to access these websites within the time span that you select.

You do not always need to attend the best CA CPT classes in order to excel in your exams. A little bit of hard work along with a clear idea of the basics might be enough to get it done yourself.