Top Tips to Choose the Best B.Com Tuition

When you finally pass out of school, life becomes a bit more tough than usual. It is college ahead, filled with fun and fests and other merriment but studies become more serious now too. If you are a B.COM student who wants to get good marks for your final exams, you need a good B.COM tuition. Students who are studying B.COM are generally focused on passing the CA, CPT exams or getting a law degree. A tuition helps in bringing together the syllabus in an organised way. But how do you choose the tuition class best suited for you?

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Tips To Keep Your Concentration during CMA Exams

CMA Foundation is the first in a set of two tests that you need to appear for and successfully pass in order to become a cost management accountant. There are so many people, who will give you tips for how to prepare for your foundation exams, how you should study for shorter periods of time and not overwork yourself and always remember to revise. But the main question of success or failure comes at the time when you are giving the exam. Here are a few very important tips to follow while giving the exam:

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Top Tips to Crack the CA Exam

Chartered accountancy is one of the most respectable professions of our society. Being a CA entitles you and your family to a lot of pride. But behind that pride is hours and hours of excruciating studies. Top CA coaching centres in Kolkata are preparing their students with the outlook of preparing them for the battle of their lives. And it does seem like an impossible battle to win. Statistics say that out of every 100 students who appear for CPT only 1 to 1.5 students go on to become Chartered accountants. So, preparing for the CA final is a job that needs a definite and a full proof plan. Here are some tips that might help you cross this meandering river of peril.

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Do I Have It In Me To Become A Management Accountant?

Has the day finally arrived? Are you on the verge of appearing for your CMA or CS examinations? Well, in that case let us rewind a bit and think of the level of preparation that you have actually taken up to gear up for the examination as a whole. Yes, there is no doubt over the fact that you have been attending some of the best CS classes Kolkata to get through the examination, but then there are certain other considerations that need to be taken care of as well.

CMA coaching Kolkata

Irrespective of the type of subject or career that you choose to study, there has to be a strong enough reason that might have motivated you to select the same. Well, in that case we might definitely ponder over some of the most basic of all reasons that might help you justify the selection of management accountancy as a suitable career option for many. Continue reading Do I Have It In Me To Become A Management Accountant?

Latest Apps That Every CA Students Should Use

Mostly the parents always yells at their children when they saw that they are not studying and are just stuck with their phone. But sometimes the applications available in the phone is a good platform for many Chartered Accountancy (CA) students to gain some useful knowledge. Even there are many top CA Institute in Kolkata which have also started introducing their own application for helping students related to these subjects. Certainly, CA students have to spend a lot of time in preparing such vast number of subjects. So, if they are provided with some easy applications from where they can acquire information then it will be very helpful for the students. Many students even are not aware that it’s not only coaching institute or books that keep them updated with the latest information related to Chartered Accountancy. Thus, here are some applications which C.A. students will love to use.

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